A teaser

I took engagement pics with Jared last Saturday - our friend Libbie did it for us. It was incredibly cold, but fun...so here are a few of the shots. (Obviously I can't put the extremely awesome ones on there, so you'll just have to wait for your announcement!)

Libbie was seriously making us laugh the whole time. She is the best.

Mom always says I have a muppet face. I never knew what that meant til I tried to bite Jared's face, and this is the result. Sweeeeet.

Gotta have one kissy-face picture.

I liked this one...in the trees.

This face reminds me of the one Ginnie used o do in pictures a lot.


The Sorensen Bunch said...

Katie you look sooo good. Age becomes you-how do you look better as you get older!? Of course your man does too! ha ha Can't wait for the annoucnement!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple you two are!!

Mama T

Ginnie said...

You want to be me!

Leslie said...

You look so happy!!

You are so right about that face and Ginne always making that in pics.

Also, can it be noted that you are going to make a seriously gorgeous bride with the blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes? Seriously, I can't wait to see that!

The Stutznegger Family said...

Yay! I am SO happy for you! I just found out you are ENGAGED! You look so happy!!!! And you look so good together!