Happy Birthday, Mom!

I am a bad child...didn't post on my mom's actual bday, so wanted to do it today. January 31st was mom's birthday, and I took some pictures, but can't seem to find them on this computer, so this family shot from last August will have to do for now.

And now, for the embarrassment...
Reasons I love my mom:

-She's kind
-She's incredibly hard-working
-She's lots of fun
-She taught me to dance
-She loves music & encourages me in that pursuit
-She is a great cook (despite what she may think)
-She is generally happy & energetic
-She taught me to serve others & serve my family
-She is clean & neat
-She loves to spend time with her family, especially with her girls
-She, in many ways, is my best friend & I can tell her almost anything
-She is spiritual & tries hard to follow the Lord

Mom, you're an awesome example to me! Happy Belated Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Katie! You're awesome too :>)

Love you, Mom

Ginnie said...

For tender tear!