Wishing I were in Wisconsin...

Even though I was just there. I'm stealing a few pictures of this past weekend from my sister...and hopefully will have more to come from my awesome big bro, Scott, who could (& should) teach me a thing or two about photography. These are images of my parents & big brother, Scott, & Chad's parents gathering in Madison for Charlotte's baby blessing.

Sleepy Char.

I could not keep from laughing at how large this flower is on her head.
But I love her alert expression.

Curious Cam.
He's getting so big!

Charlotte wearing the same dress both Ginnie & I were blessed in.
(I can't get over how much she looks like her mom. Really. As babies, they could be twins, at least in this picture.)

The whole gang.
(Apparently Scott created a monster when he let Cam have the remote control to the camera. Ha!)

Big brother & his little sister. So sweet.

To see some more great pics of her family & the weekend, go here.


Ginnie said...

Oh, we wish you could've been here, too. But it's all done now and life goes back to normal. We'll see you in a few months and the kids will be huge by then!! Love you!

Teresa said...

You were sorely MISSED!!!! There will be no more blessings without you.


Clark Family said...

Katie- I love your pictures! You are good at keeping your blog up to date and interesting. We are a few hours away from Orlando- in SouthWest Florida. We just made it to our temple in Orlando this weekend. It is the same muggy/hot climate :) I'm glad you are settled into new home/school/work. I sure love your family!