You know that saying, "Let Go & Let God?" I read this post today & felt so humbled. (No, for all 5 of you who read my blog, I am not pregnant.) But it struck me that we often don't get what we want - marriage, babies, that corner office, financial security, etc. - because it's on our timetable, our plan, and Heavenly Father has something else for us to learn while we wait.

When I was thinking I'd never be married, I finally learned to just let go & be. (That's not to say that I didn't have my occasional struggles or frustrations sometimes with being alone.) But on the whole, looking back, I think I learned to just have fun, accept what God doled out to me & try to see how I could serve Him in the process. Did I ever mature. ;) And that was the year I became friends with Jared. It's interesting - once I kind of gave up & relaxed, things fell into place.

I often wonder if we were more willing to submit our wills to God, if we would be happier with our lives as a result. If we stop fighting so hard for what we want & what we think is best, if we'd be more in tune with the Spirit & more generally at peace. Life seems to be more about what you learn from what's given to you than accomplishing it all in the supposed perfect pattern, and I'm grateful for that reminder. Thanks, Jane.


Emily Marie said...

Thank you for this post. I am going through something right now that I never thought I would and it is nice to be reminded that it is something I will learn from :) And that no matter what, it will be ok.

Teresa said...

It's interesting that you should cite Jane's blog today because I was just reading her sister, Stephanie's blog earlier today. Other peoples' experiences (joys & hardships) can really put our own whinings into perspective, can't they?