P.S. About J's facial hair...

It's totally a joke. He shaved it off, but wanted me to take silly pictures of him with chin-hair-only before he shaved his whole face. After a day of staring at him, I'm finally used to his face again. :) He keeps asking me whether I like him with or without facial hair, and, to be honest, I like him both ways. I really could care less. It's his face, and he doesn't get on me when I don't feel like shaving my legs, so we let each other alone. It's a good way to be, methinks.

By the way, I love my husband. I've been super blue today (likely owing to me being mad at my body for not getting over this cold yet/lack of sleep due to constant coughing/cleaning blues/bills blues/stolen cc paperwork blues/ensuing impatience with all of that, etc.), and Jared's been so sweet to me. He's such a good guy. (Either that, or his dad warned him a long time ago to always be nice to women when they are blue/irritated/in poor spirits. It works!)


G Sauce said...

Oh thank goodness! You know I like facial hair but not that kind. J was pulling it of though. Such a handsome little devil.

Tabb and Michelle said...

He's not going "Amish" on you, is he?? I've heard buggy rides can be romantic, but I couldn't do without electricity!!

Hope you're feeling better soon!!