My little loves

Inspired by Marta (whose blog I adore, by the way. Simplicity, beauty & just pure joy.). I probably shouldn't copy her idea, but I feel the need to write & am all fuzzy right now. (Turns out I have more than a cold - a sinus infection. At least the meds should kick in soon, hopefully.)

I don't have any pictures, so these Web images will have to do, for now.

 So here's to the little things in life that make me happy. What are your little loves?

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Michelle said...

6 majors! ha, you sound like me. I was a theater nerd in high school, so I'm looking forward to going to see some of the theatres here. I can't remember the name of the famous one right now for some reason, it escapes me..I'm so happy you blog-stalk me! It makes my day! Yeah, traveling must have been a little easier pre-911. I was in NYC in August, the month before the attacks and I haven't been back since, so I only have pre-911 memories of NYC. I was so little then. I also love reading and wandering through bookstores! I didn't get much time to look through waterstones, but on a boring day, I'm probably going to go in and peruse for a while :)You have such a creative blog, I love it.