Guilty Pleasures

10. Long soaks in the bathtub
9. Blogging/playing on Facebook
8. Take5 candy bars
7. Taking plastic off Cd's/DVD's (I know I'm a weirdo, but I love taking the sticky plastic labels off.)
6. Buying expensive perfumes (or getting them as gifts) - I adore yummy smells!
5. Speaking in weird accents (luckily I have the perfect partner for this - my husband, who is a voice manipulator extraordinaire)
4. Watching girly, period-piece movies like Pride & Prejudice
3. Taking long walks at sunset/dusk around my beautiful neighborhood
2. Talking to my sister, mom or sister-in-law on the phone
1. Becoming totally immersed in a new book

Inspired by Kalisi.


Lildonbro said...

Um...I to enjoy taking plastic off of Cd's/DVDs

Martha said...

Jess is funny!

Seriously, Katie- you are like my cuter, blonde twin!!

I would love to move anywhere in Virginia. But, alas, I married a Utah boy through and through!

G Sauce said...

I find the plastic too be a menace to the music. Like an obstacle course with tricks and impossible strength.

Why am I not on the list?