The clothes make the man

I am not generally a shopper - of clothes, that is. (I do quite enjoy buying presents for other people & lately, oddly enough, I really enjoy grocery shopping. Weird.) I hearken back to my fat years where I would try on clothes in the fitting room & eventually cry out of frustration. That kind of thing, repeated, tends to scar a person, so I'm still a little weary when it comes to clothes shopping.

But I bought this shirt online - when it was slightly more expensive - and I'm ever so glad I did. Obviously I am not as pretty or thin as the model they chose to showcase it, but I do feel a little pretty every single time I wear it. And I am wearing it today, so I feel kind of lovely, for once.

P.S. My favorite, modest-friendly online clothing sites (in no particular order):
DownEast Basics
Shabby Apple

Know of others? Send them to me. I'm always looking for great layering basics & pretty church dresses.


Nora said...

yay! i love those sites, too. and that shirt is go'GEUS, as they say down here in the south. i miss you oodles. i feel like it's been a year since we've seen you. but it hasn't. so that's ok.

David & Vanessa said...

I love down east basics and shade. Too bad we dont have their stores down here, huh?! By the way...I love your blog! I hope you have been great. Miss seeing your face! Especially saying funny things on sundays.

G Sauce said...

That is super pretty!