To Do's on my list this week...

--Our stake has asked that everyone have a garden. While Jared & I have benefitted from others' labors, we have not yet been able to do this. Since planting season is gone, I'll be thinking of creative ways I can garden while in a townhouse with virtually no property/land to speak of. I like the idea, though, and maybe I'll have some ideas come spring.

--I've been feeling creatively sapped. I used to be so creative when I was younger, and now most, if not all, of my pursuits are practical in nature. I'd like to get back into some of the things that inspire me: musicscrap-booking, painting, drawing, writing...and learn to crochet, knit or quilt. I'd like to quilt some of Jared's old band t-shirts into a comfy blanket for him. Maybe I can sign up for some sewing lessons at Michael's or something...

--Exercise. Been slacking since I started my job. It's just hard to want to get up at 5:30 a.m. to work out, & by the time I get home at 5:30 p.m., I have virtually no desire. Thank goodness for the beautiful weather & scenery, so at least I'm getting some good walks in.

--Baking. I think I'd like to experiment with some fun new recipes I've found. Plus, my mom bought me this awesome Dorie Greenspan cookbook awhile ago, and I haven't used it nearly enough! Got to try out those creme brulee dishes & torch too. I'll let you know how it turns out. (I'd also like to take a cake decorating class, although I know that can be expensive...)

--Budgeting. Ugh, this is my least favorite. Other than signing up for Mint.com, which accesses my bank account & I'm not sure I'm cool with that, I need help. (Jared's head is nowhere near helping me with finances currently, although he's technically better with math.) Any ideas on simple & effective ways to budget? My current system is a-bust.)

(Just a few things I'm thinking about. I don't want to overwhelm myself, but to be honest, I feel better when I'm busy & have projects to do. And that doesn't just mean cleaning/maintaining the house. If that's all I do all day, I think I'll go insane...)


Kelly M said...

Man, you're awesome. I wish we lived close and I'd come quilt with you!!

As for the budget stuff- I'm horrible at it and always looking for ideas too. Here's a link to a system my very organized sister came up with that I had good intentions to follow, but haven't yet.:) http://hanniehoon.blogspot.com/2009/02/budgagchokegeting.html
Check it out, if you're interested.

Kelly M said...

Oh, and if you do want to try that, I have her templates, too. Let me know.

Leslie said...

I so agree with this last parenthetical statement. People think I'm crazy for having so much going on but truly it just makes me happy and feel productive. If I spent all day feeding/clothing/bathing/cleaning my children or house, I would go crazy too! I have to have these other things to make me feel balanced (even though sometimes we all know I'm a little UNbalanced!)

Wish I had some budgeting ideas but I haven't figured out how to budget no money yet. If you do, let me know.