Josh & Olivia's visit

Olivia & Grandpa Wayne
(all the grandkids' favorite!)

My brother Josh & his daughter Olivia went to visit my parents a weekend back, and my mom sent me the pictures. Thanks, mom! I can't believe how old - and tan - Olivia is. Happy belated 8th bday, O! :)

The birthday girl

Josh, Olivia & Grandma Myrtle


Teresa said...

Thanks Katie -- now what do I have to do to be someone's favorite???

Kessa said...

She spends most of her time in the pool - hence the tan. She's getting really tall too - as you can see. And..as of age 8 - officially does not need car/booster seats! We're going to clean up her old one and see if your folks want it for use when the littles come visit.