J & I couldn't remember which guard we used last time on his haircut (the first time I cut his hair by myself, which, incidentally, turned out to be an okay cut).

This time, we used a guard which would make his hair shorter...only to realize this after I'd cut his hair almost all off. Lucky for me, I'm married to a pretty laid-back guy who doesn't care too much about his hair being short. And his hair grows quickly & will be pretty good-looking by the time med school starts...

For my part, I like it. I've always had a thing for short hair, though.

Heaven bless my husband for humoring me. 
Next time I'll remember the top of his head uses guard #8, not #7!!!!


Melody said...

I don't get the "whoops" title. I think it looks good! Go Katie for having the guts to cut the hubby's hair! And go J for letting kt cut your hair. (T won't let me near his, but I don't really blame him.)

Teresa said...

Love the haircut! You did a great job.

Mama T