Today we spent half the day at the Cascades Trail & waterfall in the Jefferson National Forest. It costs a minimal fee to park, then you can take the upper (but less scenic) trail or the lower & more beautiful (& longer) trail to the falls. Only about 4 miles round trip. I can't believe how tired I am - apparently walking miles in an upwards direction makes me just a wee bit more tired than walking on the general road most days. :)

I had a great time. I hope we go back soon! I cannot get over how insanely beautiful this part of Virginia is. I'm so glad we live here.

Jared's king of the world!

On the way up...

Admiring the beautiful nature

Ha! I caught one of Jared's rare "mean" looks. 
"Katie, please stop taking pictures of me..."

Another pretty shot.

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G Sauce said...

That's a mean look?