Blackberry picking

Today Jared & I met up with an old friend from high school - Lisa! It was so good to see her, and like no time has passed. She still looks beautiful & is sweet as ever, only she has four kids now (I'm a little behind some of my high school/college friends on the baby train...one day I'll catch up - Ha!). :) 

I didn't remember to take a picture with her, so I totally stole one from her FB page.
Isn't her family adorable?

Huckleberry Trail map

Now I just have to decide what in the world to make with said blackberries...


I love Queen Anne's lace.

J could not stop eating the blackberries.
I myself was a little more cautious.

Hmm. Our mouths always seem to be open, catching flies...

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Teresa said...

Be careful -- blackberries & chiggers seem to go together & when you get biten, you itch like crazy!