Give me liberty, or give me death...

Today mom, dad, me & Jared went to St John's church, this little chapel in Richmond where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me liberty, or give me death!" speech. It was interactive, fun & I even felt a little patriotic (go me). 

St John's church from the back.

Part of the cemetary on the grounds of St John's. There were some really old graves there, which I thought was pretty cool. (I know I'm odd.)

Marker for James Mercer, member of the Continental Congress

The crowd waiting to get in...

Don't mom & dad look thrilled to be in the picture?! I know Jared does.

The inside of St John's

I like this picture because our smiles are genuine...

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington & Patrick Henry

Crowds taking pictures of the actors


Ginnie said...

Tell J I like his hairy face.

Melody said...

Awesome. P.S. I like the smiley pic too. Besides the great smiles, you are obviously having a fabulous hair day. I love the cut! ~m