J's Graduation Day

Last weekend was a whirlwind...our anniversary, mother's day & Jared's college graduation (& Joseph's, who walked a semester early).

Here are some pictures...my camera died right after this & we used mom's. I need to upload her pictures, but I can't find her chord. More to come!

Congrats Jared! I'm so proud of you!

The graduates in the Robins Center

Jared walking by

Joseph walking by

The goofy boys before graduation (Jared with the wrong color sash)

Handsome boys!

(I'm not quite sure what this pose is about, but we were sick of taking pictures...)

Me & J
(I just love him!) ;0)

Handsome hubby!

Looking all collegiate & scholarly & such


Melody & Trent said...

Yaaaaay! Please give my little brothers hugs for me and lots of congrats! Wish we coulda been there. Thanks for sharing the pics! Love you guys. xoxoxo

Ginnie said...

Ya Bungus! You didn't tell me you cut your hair! When did you do it? I want to cut mine. Maybe this week.

michelle said...

great pictures! congrats on graduating.

Graduation Stoles

Tabb and Michelle said...

Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment and now on to another climb with an even better view from the mountain top! New town, new home, new callings, new school, new job, new friends.....best of times!!!