Happy 35th Josh!

Today we went up to NoVa & celebrated my brother Josh's 35th bday (born on Thursday, celebrated today). It was a fun, albeit HOT, day of munching, chatting & laughing. I love my family.

I can't believe my brothers are so old. That means I'm so old! (Side note: I had a full-on, five minute argument with the computer the other night about my age. It auto populated something based on my birth year, and I kept thinking, "wait a sec, that's not right! I'm 27, not 28..." Nope. I'll be 29 soon. Shoot! Foiled again.)

Spencer (oldest nephew-about to put his mission papers in, gasp!), Kess (sis-in-law), & Josh

Conner (nephew), Dad, me, J & Scott (oldest brother)

Heather (other sis-in-law) & Spencer


Olivia (neice, Josh's daughter)

Poor J-rod. This is what happens when you eat too much meat...

But then he had cake, so he was happy. :)

Ian, the 2nd of Scott's 4 boys...
(I believe Christopher was hiding from the camera/playing the Wii downstairs most of the day...)

Upside-down Olivia

Sweet mom & me.


Anonymous said...

We missed you Boo Boo!!

Thanks for the family post Katie.

You're awesome ~


Ginnie said...

I like how the oldest nephews have shades on their head. Sooooo cool.

Yeah, wish I could've been there. But NOT in that heat! Yeah right!

Martha said...

I taught Spencer in Sunbeams. I was telling Jeff the other night that my Sunbeams were probably about 19 now. And you proved it! Ahh!! And you think you feel old.