Other silly pics from Denver

The rest of our week with Melody & Trent (J's sister & brother in law) consisted of hanging out, running errands, going to the park, baking, grilling, playing SEGA & watching movies. It was lots of fun...I love my Denver family!

Camden is loving his spaghetti at yummy Pasquini's.

Melody & I wanted a picture...Trent jumped in. Totally fits in with the entire crazy-face family, dontchathink?

Modeling my hair net for the tea factory with my bud Camden

And model J-Rock decided to model his too. (The funniest were the guys who had to wear beard nets! Thank goodness Jared shaved...)

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The Chunder Monkeys said...

You are so cute, Katie! I've never met Jared before, but he looks like a lot of fun- you guys are so cute together! Makes me happy! :)