Where I'll be living this time next year...

Jared got accepted to VCOM! :)
(Here's hoping my employers don't check my blog...don't think they do.)
The school's insignia

VCOM is in partnership with VA Tech, so we'll be Hokies!

VA Tech campus (VCOM uses Tech's facilities)

Gorgeous nearby mountains I'll get to hike :)

I'm excited!

The little town of Blacksburg

About 3.5 hours from home & both families

Congrats, Jared!

(I've decided to worry about loans, money, moving, when to quit & the rest of real life after the holidays. From now until then, I'm celebrating!)


Tabb and Michelle said...

Wahoooo! Big congrats to Jared! Let the adventure begin. For all of us who want to know...what is osteopathic medicine?

Ralston said...

Congratulations! You'll have cozier weather than Richmond, I bet. When does he start?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jared AND you! You have a wonderful adventure to look forward in 2009.


Leakeyroof said...

He starts fall of 2009 - so I imagine we'll make the move in July or August of that year, unless I get a job down there before then.