Seems a bit ironic...

At first, I wasn't sure what to think, other than I'm glad I don't live in CA. I mean, I grew up doing music & such, so I had some gay friends. But does this smell of reverse bigotry to anyone but me? Why are the LDS people being the main ones targeted here? And why, I'm thinking, is it wrong to express ideals of right & wrong & virtue? That's not intolerance. That's expressing my opinion. That's not infringing on someone's rights.

If you want to have a civil partnership that basically gives you the same rights that I get as a married person (tax-speaking, etc.), then go ahead. But don't impose your lifestyle into the walls of my home - that is my business for my family. I am pretty laid-back when it comes to how others live their lives, to be honest. I try to live & let live. What others do in the walls of their homes is their business. But I do take issue with the implications of where this might lead - to the privacy & sanctity of my home. And it just frustrates me that a good people that stand for family - the LDS people - are being targeted for bigotry, which smacks to me of complete & utter irony. Our church leaders are forever telling us to vote our conscience, not to vote one way or another. In this one instance, they tell us that it is important to stand up for family, because our very religion has always centered on the family-on being eternally linked together. So of course we would defend marriage as it has traditionally stood for millennia.

I'm normally not outspoken about political issues...I like to stay away from contentious situations, but it hurts me that people are so blind to how ugly everyone is being.

Before anyone leaves a hateful comment on my blog, let it be understood that I have had gay friends in the past & still do...& I've loved them a lot. I just don't want my children being taught things that could happen from the implications of same-sex marriage...think about what could come down the line before you blast me in the comments.

And did I rant a bit much? Sorry. Long day. ("Guess I got a case of the Mondays...") :)


Ginnie said...

Sigh. I have a feeling this issue isn't going to go away any time soon. Someone I know wrote that she had thought about leaving the church because of this. And I wondered if she had read the Proclamation on the Family back when it came out 13 years ago!!! This isn't new doctrine. Not sure why people are making such a big deal about it now.

Oh, and I believe that we should ALWAYS listen to the prophet. He is God's mouthpiece and will never lead us astray. No matter what we are asked to do. I'm sure it was dang hard for people to practice polygamy (please let that not happen again!! :)), but they did it cause it's what the Lord told them to do through the prophet.

I guess this is just one more big test of faith. We need to stand firm and immovable.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think you ranted at all ... glad you're passionate about this issue. It's very important.


Leslie said...

I totally agree. It's been so disappointing, and I can't understand why people seem to think that tolerance only works in one direction.