Harrison ladies

Melody & Camden came to visit the Harrison clan for about a week - it was fun! I can't believe what a little boy Camden is now - instead of the little baby I saw at my wedding. And being with Melody was so relaxing - she is my Harrison twin. We are alike in so many ways - our love of books, correct grammar, music, chocolate... ;)

(The way it could have been more fun would have been to have Trent around to help the boys tease Becka & Marie a little more - always a bonus to watch...)

I so enjoyed having her & Nora around last Saturday. I love those girls. Thanks to Becka for remembering to get this great picture of the four of us. Having sisters-in-law is so fun! (And made me miss Ginnie greatly...)


Ginnie said...

As Chad would say, "That's RIIIIIGHT!"

I miss you, too!

Melody (and the boys) said...

You are the cutest (in case you didn't already know)! ;-P

I love you, sistuh!