More weekend away pictures

Poor Jared. Because I had the camera, I wound up taking a lot of pictures of him. Oh well. ;)

Hey - Jared wants to be in the CCC too!

So here's the story - we went on a hike & it rained. Since it was a light drizzle, I naively said, "Hey, why don't we walk to the convenience store & get some snacks?" So we did, since neither of us mind rain. We hiked along & the sky opened up & we got drenched. Then, we got to the store, and, I kid you not, it stopped raining no less than 5 minutes after we got inside. This is Jared's reaction - "Why are you attracted to us, rain?!" (Think wedding day, most of the honeymoon, now our weekend away...)

The meadow (thus, Big Meadows Lodge)

Cutie patootie

This is his pitiful "Please-stop-taking-pictures-of-me" face

A nice lady stopped to take our picture at one of the overlooks

Beautiful VA!

Aw, we're kinda cute!

The lodge we stayed in

Gorgeous view on our hike

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