My old roommate & sweet friend Liz, had a housewarming party, which happened to be on her birthday. Jared & I went for a little bit & said hi, chatted with people & had some fabulous hummus & cinnamon rolls (obviously not together, for that would be very, very wrong). Thanks, Ari, for putting such a great party together - and great mondo buns, as always!

The highlight of the night, other than snooping around the new-to-the-Barri-and-their-friends house was when Liz, possibly the calmest person (other than Jared) I know, took to breaking open her gorilla pinata for her birthday candy. I didn't know Liz could get that aggressive with a broom. Tyler, beware. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones...???

Liz staring at the nearly decimated gorilla.

And the party-goers scramble for the candy with glee...

I myself was delighted by a piano given to Tyler & Liz for free...til I played it. It was cool to play one key and have two-three sounds come out of it...for about a minute. Then it gave me a headache. (I was kinda diggin' on the turqoise color, though.)

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