The Leake gang

A couple of weekends ago, we had the Leake gang out for a bday celebration for all the birthdays in August - Olivia, Christopher, Conner & Ginnie (in absentia). It was a fun time - especially when Conner & I played with the chocolate cake mom made - yum!

Gin, we miss you. Come home already. ;)

Conner showing off his missing two front teeth ("All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...")

Showing off his chocolate mustache. I can't believe the kid's 9 already. I feel old.

I'm not sure what this pose is about, but Christopher (& Conner) were VERY excited about their Optimus Prime toys. Good choice, mom.

Isn't Jared cute? He's such a drummer & makes THE best faces when he plays. Too bad I didn't catch one. This was when he & Ian had been taking turns jammin' it up.

Cute mom, who hates pictures, but gamely posed for this one anyway.

Olivia & Grandma Myrtle.

Heather & Ian in background, Topher, Spencer, Conner (showing off his fancy new orthodontia) & Olivia

Yeah - we're still awesome! (Think the Strong Bad voice, & it's relatively amusing. At least to me.)

Mom was horrified. But when I was in college, a couple of girlfriends & I would go to parties & put chocolate on our teeth & see if anyone would say anything. You'd be amazed how many people don't. :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right & this photo still makes me horrified!

Thanks for updating your blog ... long overdue ... but REALLY cute :>


Ginnie said...

Awesome pics! You look HOTTT!