Funny sites

I found these funny sites through my sister & PopCandy, respectively...

Funny Utah Names -

And from PopCandy's Whitney Matheson (Julia, I thought of you & your annoying coworkers when I read some of the notes):


"Whoa, have you seen NiceCritic.com? Pop reader Grabbing Toast told me about the site, which advertises itself as 'the anonymous way to send a helpful message.'
'It allows you to anonymously pass along some helpful advice to people who may have something stuck in their teeth, need an extra layer of deodorant, or how about clipping those fingernails, buddy? You get the idea,' he says. 'I sent one to a co-worker who NEVER washes his hands after doing his business.'
Other messages you can send include:
- 'Your computer volume is uncharacteristically loud today.'
- 'You don't release your hug in a timely manner.'
- 'Your skirt may be tucked into your pantyhose.'
Man, I guess a few of these might be helpful, but some are way over the line. It's only a matter of time before I start getting a barrage of anonymous messages saying, 'Showcasing your collectibles may make you look a little immature.'"


Kelly said...

Great sites! I've been worried that Dallin is too "mormony," so I had to check the list on that site. I'm very happy to say that while Dallan, Dallen, Dallon, and Dalyn were on the list, Dallin wasn't. Whew- what a relief! :) You just made my day!

Ralston said...

Haha...awesome. I'm sending the link to my husband who also suffers from CQCS (close-quarter cubicle syndrome).

HarrisonMania said...

Those "Utah names" are quite entertaining yet....scarry!!!!!