Jared's totally gotten me addicted to Coldplay's newest album, "Viva La Vida (or Death and All His Friends)". Only problem is, he's always got the album, so it's not like I'm learning the lyrics...just consistently drumming the beats in my head (consequence of being married to a percussionist. I used to always listen for the bass parts, courtesy of dad; now I'm finding I'm listening to percussion more)...

J, make me a Coldplay mix already! ;)

(And now I totally want to go to one of their concerts. There's one in D.C. in August. Anyone wanna buy me a ticket/go?)

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Julia Ralston said...

Matt has done the same thing! (Although he made me the CD over the weekend.) He's learned 3 of the songs on guitar, and is doing recordings of them over the beats of different songs...sounds pretty cool. Good luck on getting that CD! (Try witholding food.)