Pop Candy ROTD

So yesterday I got to be ROTD (Reader of the Day) on one of my favorite blogger's sites - Pop Candy. Go me! :)


Today's reader digs Transformers and cake and and sent a very fun photo. Learn a bit about her, then say hello in the comments:

Reader of the day: leakeyroof
Real name: Katie Harrison
Why I chose my screen name: A play on my high school nickname/maiden name joke
Where I live: Richmond, Va.
Occupation: Slave to corporate stooges
Personal blog:
Favorite TV show: Ace of Cakes, hands down! I would work anytime, any day for those people. (Honorable mentions to The Office, Dr. G: Medical Examiner and Pushing Daisies)
People say I resemble: When I was student teaching, one of my ninth graders told me I looked like Amanda, the half-blind girl from one of the seasons of America’s Next Top Model. I was so flattered to be compared to a model at all, until I realized she made the comparison because we’re both so pasty white.
Favorite movie: Uh … Young Frankenstein, Clueless, Pride & Prejudice (A&E version) and Transformers. I’m sure there are others.
Favorite album: Toss-up between U2’s The Joshua Tree and Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head. (Runner-up: most anything by Diana Krall.)
Favorite book: Pride & Prejudice. (Although The Lovely Bones ranks up there, too. Such a good book.)
Favorite website (aside from the Candy): I’m gonna be boring and say Gmail. Just because I can’t live without it.
Three famous people I'd love to meet: Cate Blanchett, Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins. All actors with staying power whose work I greatly admire. We could have some fascinating conversations ...
One famous person I've actually met: A very grumpy Sir Ian McKellan while on a college trip several years ago in London. He was not happy to see me or my group at a play in the West End.
My earliest pop-culture memory: I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Rainbow Brite, Jem & the Holograms or Strawberry Shortcake. I was obsessed with all three as a little girl. (I am saddened by the updating of Strawberry Shortcake, by the way ...)
How/when I started reading Pop Candy: I had a temp job while in school that bored me to no end --and allowed ample time and access to surf the net. I stumbled on the Candy, could identify with Whitney and most of the readers and was hooked! It’s my daily fix now -- saves me from tedium at work.

Thanks, Katie! I'm sorry Sir Ian was grumpy, but I bet if you'd worn that wig it would've cheered him up right away! Enjoy the day -- I'll actually be in your city this weekend for a wedding.

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