The honeymoon pics...

It's over!

Not very many people were willing to actually take pictures of us newlyweds, so we had a lot of hand-held shots, like this adorable one. ;)

But we did find one nice lady willing to take one.

"I love J-Rock."

"KT=My Queen." (That's right!)

Mom will LOVE this one.

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

OK OK I have not checked your blog for a few...thinking you would not be back...oh but you WERE!!! I got my fill for sure. Sweet Sweet katie, you look GORGEOUS!!! My heart is so soft for that temple, with the blossoms and green in the background. Outer Banks has my heart for my past summer-time vacations. There is a piece of my heart back east I left there for sure--it was there with you!! You two look so happy and so fun. Love you! Congrats!