Honeymoon pics part II

For our honeymoon, we went to the Outer Banks - Corolla & then Ocracoke. Our time in Corolla was spent fighting wind & rain, &, on my part, a horrendous cold (most of the family - on both sides - caught it from the wedding day pictures, I think). But we still found ways to keep ourselves amused, especially with a fun pool & jacuzzi inside the hotel in Corolla. We also had a great dinner at this little Italian joint in Corolla where everything was homemade & absolutely delicious. When the owner found out we were newlyweds, he even gave us a cannoli for free! Can't beat that. Ocracoke was sunnier & fun to walk around, although I think you could be done with the little island in a day or two. We had fun exploring random side streets & looking for souvenirs for family. Locals weren't very pleasant, though - I think because tourist season was just beginning. Nevertheless, we had a good time...but are very happy to be home & be through with driving for awhile!


Contemplating the beach.

I was SO stinkin' cold!


Newlyweds at the Italian joint. (Please ignore the water stain caused by my case of the dropsies...)

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LilDonbro said...

Haha, it's like you said ignore the water stain and it's all I could look at! At least it was a case of the dropsies and not a hole in your lip, that's usually what happens to me.