A few more for your viewing pleasure

So I'm totally supposed to be watching a movie with the Harrison clan, but I'm stealing their pics (thanks, Trent) from Jeff's computer. (Will add more from Scott's cd in the next few days.) If you're sick of wedding pics, just scroll through! :)

The awesome Harrison sibs. (In retrospect, I probably should've put the more serious picture on here, but I'm so jazzed that Melody actually did a goofy face, that I'm including it anyway.)

My sweet girlfriends who came up to the temple for the sealing. I love love love them.

Kissy face.

We have such great, supportive parents. I love them both.

My sisters are awesome!

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FeistFamily said...

Ah, yes, the goofy-face picture. What can I say? You inspire me. ;)