Showers & more showers

Here are a few pictures of a shower that my sister-in-law Heather & the Davis girls (Sherri, Lori, Jamie & Karen) threw me a couple of Saturdays ago. A lot of people showed up & I got some great stuff (a lot of it for the kitchen) - I'm excited to use it! I felt very loved & very tired. Socializing & smiling all night made my face hurt.

Me & Kelly

My young women leaders! :)

Grandma, Marie (aka "Momma Harrison") & Jean

Bekah & Nora (2/3 new sisters-in-law) & me & Liz
(Yes, mom, I am giving you a death look.)

Lori & Marie

The shower gang

The ridiculous hat I was made to wear...

Opening a present

Grandma Myrtle & me


Emily Marie said...

Hurray! It looks like fun! Sorry I missed it! :( Glad you had a good time.

Suzie Soda said...

You got so many lovely things. So happy for you.