Ms. Matthews

So Carlos Chacon & I are in a church choir together (The Richmond Mormon Chorale), and we've been performing "Another Testament" the last few Sundays. Carlos, coincidentally, was also in a chorus group I was in while in high school (we were not in it at the same time, since he's a few years older than I am) - Madrigals. He invited our chorus teacher, Ms. Sherri Matthews, to attend, and she came - and she looks fabulous! :) It still eeks me out a little that she wants me to call her Sherri now. Gettin' there, gettin' there.


Julia Ralston said...

Oh my GOODNESS! Blast from the past...thanks for posting that, Katie! :-)

FeistFamily said...

Holy cow, girl. I'm looking at all your pics, and you look sooo skinny! Yeesh!