Another day, another shower

Just kidding. My sweet friends Marisa & Gretel threw me a singles shower of sorts. It was fun! Thanks, ladies. Love you!

Pretty nightie Libbie got me - so comfortable, too!

The only "game" played was "let's have Katie hunt for the presents" game.

Did someone say cake?! (Thanks, Barri!)

Ahhh...the sex kit from Ginnie. I guess after years of giving my friends a hard time, it was my turn.

The gang, minus Marisa, who was taking the picture.


suzie romans said...

Is it countdown time.....a sex kitten you will be. Tell Ginnie a very clever idea. So happy for all your happiness and fun. You did great in the performance the other night. It was fun to see you and Carlos perform, and Jared too. I told Marie you could tell she worked at Disney...she was very animated and smiley.
You all did a great job.We enjoyed it.

Ginnie said...

Wasn't my wrapping job of the box so good?! It took me a while to do it...I had forgotten about it! I'm sure it will come in handy!