Yay - have a date!

Am getting married in the Washington, D.C. temple on May 9. Sooooo excited.

The first in a series of cheesy pics his parents took of us at his house.

I think I might have been tickled at this point.

I appreciate people who are goofy in pictures.

Case in point. (Joseph, Jared's bro, is in the background. Love him.)



The Sorensen Bunch said...

We LOVE the DC temple to get married in-it was perfect for us!! Great temple choice! Won't the cherry blossoms be out then? You look happy-so happy!

Kelly said...

So, I still want to know more about this Jared- like, when and how you met and what you love about him. Inquiring minds need to know! :)

C$ said...

I am so excited for you and Jared!!! You're getting married!!! AHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!