From Leake to Harrison

A couple of girlfriends have asked me what my new last name will be, and I can say with a sigh of relief that it'll be Harrison. Normal enough for ya? I have grown up with endless teasing and insults about my last name, my favorite of which remains, "What's your middle name? Tooka?" Incidentally, my dad let me know that in school, his middle name was "Takea," so I guess it's appropriate I should be the next generation.

Church at East Leake, Nottinghamshire, UK

I am actually pretty proud to be a Leake, teasing aside. We come from a grand & noble tradition. In fact, our ancestors come from England - Nottinghamshire, to be exact, and there's even a tiny town named after our last name. (There's a Leake, Mississippi or Missouri or something like that too.) Go here: http://www.east-leake.co.uk/historyofeastleake1.html to check out facts about East Leake.

A Harrison family crest I found online (not the one I'm marrying into, but it's nice for effect...yay, pictures!)

I'm excited to be a Harrison too...and to learn all about that heritage.

A picture of "Harrison's Internal Medicine" book I found online...I found it funny, since Jared wants to be a doctor.

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Anonymous said...

You make the Leakes & Harrisons proud of you all at the same time! The name (Leake) is unusual but the wonderful heritage makes me proud to be one of them ... thanks for the little history lesson on Nottingham, UK.

You'll be a wonderful representative of the Harrison name & their line going forward ... Katie Harrison has a nice ring to it.