I've had a rough week...reasons shall go unnamed, but Ginnie and I were talking and she said I should focus on my blessings, not what I don't have. As much as I wanted to pout about my situation(s), she had a point. Thusly (if that's a word), here's my gratitude list for this week:

-I'm thankful for my family, as cuckoo as certain members can be sometimes. At least they love me, no matter what. And that means a lot to me these days.
-I'm thankful for the Restored Gospel & all of its saving principles. Kinda makes me have a better perspective than I think I would otherwise.
-I'm thankful for this time of year. Virginia is so beautiful. And I love the holidays, even with all the rampant commercialism. It makes me warm and fuzzy when I see such holiday classics as "White Christmas" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." ("And the rocket's red glare...")
-I'm thankful for true friends who stick by me no matter what. Who've seen me crabby, giggly, delirious from lack of sleep, and all phases in between. I can count the number of those people on one hand, but I sure am grateful for them.
-I'm thankful for opportunities. I've had a lot of things happen to me this year, and while I can see that some doors have closed, other opportunities are opening up. (If only they would open a little faster...)
-Lastly, I'm thankful for the Savior. Only He knows not only my sins and physical ills, but also my sorrows, loneliness, and disappointments. He's the only one who truly knows what I go through, and I'm so grateful to have an elder brother who knows how to succor His people. I'm grateful for that.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Chad's right ... you ARE awesome!

Love, Mom

faceyboy said...

Mmmm. I miss that time of year