Any ideas?

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do with my life, career-wise? In the past couple of weeks, here are the suggestions I've gotten/dreamed of (in no particular order):

--Nurse/nurse practitioner
--Dental hygenist
--Project coordinator/manager
--Teacher (uh...nope. Tried that one.)
--Corporate trainer
--Graphic designer
--Social work (eeeee...)
--Lounge singer (not really, but I'm wishing here.)

You'll notice that most of these require additional schooling, which I have no problem with, but I want to make sure I'll stick with whatever I choose (rather than go through another Master's degree in Teaching that I won't use).

So, for those of you who know me, what do you think? Take into account that I love learning, hate being bored in my job, am relatively sensitive, but also would like a life outside of work (should I ever get one ;)).

Please feel free to leave comments & suggestions. (I reserve the right to reject your suggestions if they scare me too much.) :)


Kelly said...

I vote lounge singer. Definitely the best bet for the social aspect! :)

Ana said...

I dreamed last night that you were a nurse working at my dr's office. Partly because I read your post last night and partly because I had a long talk with my dr about her nurse shortage last night. So, that's my vote..... and and lounge singer at night until you get discovered.

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

I would do BS in Nurse then MS in Nurse Practitioner. For many reasons.

#1 my sister has done it and is very successful. As a nurse she has earned in upwards of $45K+, she has great health benefits and flexible schedule to allow for family needs

#2 nurses are and will be in high demand. Baby boomers are scheduled to retire at 10,000 persons per day (1) and there is nobody to take care of them, there is very high demand!

#3 my sister has started a Nurse practitioner program at University of Utah and is already being recruiter by top cardiologysts to work for her (she hasn't even finished the program!)

#4 as a nurse practitioner you can chose to work only 3 days per week at starting salary of $70K + or if you don't have a family yet you can expand your hours a build a very nice clientelle. One nurse practitioner I knew made in upwards of $130K+ and she was preferred over the MDs.

#5 The Nurse practitioner program is only 2.5 years long

#6 I think you have the right personallity for it.

How about that for an answer :)? I hope you will make the right choice! Go get them! Good luck!

Leslie said...

I'm going for Nurse/NP as well. Reasons have already been well stated, but I think that when you have your family you'll be able to either 1. Keep working, 2. work less, but still be able to work if you want to, 3. not work at all and have AWESOME skills to help you in being part of said family.

Kess said...

How about using your love of research and looking at what I do - intel analysis? 90% of my job is research and writing - and you wouldn't need more school.