Visiting Grandma Norma

Today Gin, Cam and I went to Norfolk to visit Grandma Norma. I wish we could have stayed longer...our visits are always too short. Cameron put on a show, which was good, since we weren't sure how he'd do, as he was pretty grouchy at church yesterday.

Great grandma Norma and Cameron

Big smile!

This kid loves to stand.

He was pretty excited by Grandma's singing stuffed animal.

The baseball outfit Grandma bought Cam. It's a little big, so it should fit perfectly in time for his next baseball outing.


suzie romans said...

So cute...glad you are all having so much fun. Guess it's nice that you are working so you can hang out...but I know it is a worry lurking around your mind. I will pray something good works out. Looking foward to seeing Ginnie, Chad and baby Cameron. I know your mom is so happy to have them here. Love to all. Suz

suzie romans said...

I mean not working...oops. typo.

shortino said...

little boddy's so big and it looks like he has more hair now. i don't even know who he is anymore.

clairedypoohbear said...

He's seriously the cutest stud ever! Ginnie, you look so tan in that picture!

the Hambricks said...

Ginnie does look tan!!! And Cameron is kin to his cousin Brad. Brad always wanted to stand up. So it's good to know that they have some traits all the same. He's so cute - I'm glad you guys are having fun.

Ginnie said...

I look tan compared to Cameron! He's so white...and check out my legs. They don't really match. Oh well.