At Casa Claire's

Here are a few silly pics of some of my favorite ladies at Claire's house. It was for an enrichment activity, but a few of us wound up around Claire's dining room table, laughing and chatting about old times. How could we not? Kira was in town visiting. :)

Steph, Whit, Claire and Kira

Jess and Steph mug for the camera

Whit, Claire and Kira in her quintessential pose

Annnnnd Gretel's quintessential pose (with Jess, of course).

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Leslie said...

Leslie=jealous she wasn't in on the fun. I missed Becky's reception (the main part anyway) too and I was bummed. We had our GHS reunion that night so I stopped by before it really started but was hoping to get back over after my reunion. Not so, since it didn't end until 12:30am. Hrmph. It looks like y'all had a good time at both of these fun occasions though!!