What a 4th

What a 4th of July!

The bad:

--Still feeling punk
--Nearly fainting in the bathroom at the Diamond (ladies, you know how hot it is in there compared to the outside)
--The bad calls on the main ump's part
--The drunk old guy behind us beating the bleachers every so often
--The eternally long Elvis song during the fireworks (and I'm not talking in-his-prime-Elvis, but fat-can't-sing-so-well-Elvis)

The good:

--Sleeping in
--Not working
--Making banana bread
--R Braves won!
--Girl behind us getting proposed to during the game (oh so pretty 4 carat diamond...I couldn't stop staring...)
--Spending time with family
--The hometown hero - an LDS dental student who saved lives on the freeway a couple of weeks back!
--Grrrrreat fireworks, per usual

All in all, a pretty good 4th.

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Ana said...

I'm glad you had a good day. I can always count on you to know my movie quotes... :) I hope you start to feel better!