Happy marriage Liz & Tyler

I couldn't go to Liz & Tyler's actual wedding, which bummed me out, because I do love me some temple sealings. It's just an incredible feeling of happiness for the couple getting married. But because of my trip to Wisconsin, I couldn't make it. So I went to the reception of my former roommate and her husband - my best friend's little brother. So funny, because when Liz and I lived together and I suggested she go out with Tyler, I never suspected it would turn into marriage. But I'm so glad it did. They are one of the coolest and laid-back couples I know, and the sweetest. Yay for Liz & Tyler! :)

Lizzie & Tyler

Their own little (obligatory) receiving line

The beautiful plantation where the reception was held

Dana makes herself some cute little girls. I love Sadie! :)

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