Lizzie's shower

Yesterday I hosted/threw Lizzie's wedding shower (thanks to those of you who helped!). I think this might be my last shower for awhile. After about 7/8 years of voluntarily throwing them, I think I need retirement. I used to enjoy them more before my work called on me to plan parties/etc. for a living...But it was fun. Less games than most (thankfully), good friends and family came, and it was relatively short (yes!). Plus, Liz is so sweet, I couldn't imagine not throwing her a shower. (But, with the exception of a couple of close girlfriends, I won't be throwing any more showers anytime soon. Just letting ya know.)

Mom, Meda, Diane, Gretel, Allison, Tiff

Cute Gracie and Aunt Arianne

Anne and Layla

Ryan, Lindsay, Mom, Meda, Gretel

Caitlyn, Jess, Dana and sweet baby Sadie

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