Oh my golly

It's really the dumbest thing, but I've been trying for days to get in and win a poesis purse from Q94.5. I've called and called, and the closest I got in to winning was on Monday night - where I was caller #8. Suck.

So today, at work, I thought, eh, I'll try one more time. TOO BAD I FREAKIN' WON! I sounded like a goober on the radio, but I was totally excited. I know in the grand scheme of things, a purse isn't a big deal, but I've never won anything before, so I was SOOOOO excited. I kept saying, "Shut up! Shut up!" to the radio announcer. I'm sure he thought I was on drugs or something...

Yay me! This totally made this sucky week better! :)


Anonymous said...

Hurray! I think it's cute!

- Gin

the Hambricks said...

Lovin' the purse. You'll be so stylin' carrying it around with you. Congrats!

Jarom G. said...

Word. I totally laughed at this. Check out our blog.

Jarom (and Melissa)