I'm thankful today

I had kind of a rough day at work - not that it was necessarily stressful, but I just found some members I work with overly annoying and whiny today. I realize I'm there to help the member (I am working in a non-profit, after all), but sometimes it just gets old. :)

Despite the beginning of this post, all I could think about on the way home is how well I'm doing. (It's amazing what practicing positive thinking will do...) I was thinking about how incredibly blessed I am. I have such a beautiful life, and I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for it. I am so lucky to have best friends in my parents and my siblings, especially my sister. I'm so lucky she married a guy who is my clone, albeit a male. (Inside joke, I guess.) I'm lucky to be working for the most understanding and good-humored boss and alongside an incredibly talented and hard working co-worker. I'm grateful to have friends and associates who bless me with their bright smiles and sincerity.

I'm just grateful to be. This year has been incredible, overall, so far. I just feel happy. I have no idea where life will take me, but I'm grateful to be here, where I am, right now. I have fleeting thoughts of going on a mission, getting married, moving, or going back to school. I'm not really quite sure what to do right now, but I'm reveling in the freedom of being a grownup and earning a little money/paying off debts.

I went on a date a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice to be asked out. I was totally taken unawares because I hadn't been paying attention to this guy in the branch. He's not for me, but it was flattering that he went to the trouble - had almost forgotten what it was like! I hope we can be friends. (Heck, I've even got a few girlfriends who I could set him up with, if he's game...)

So last Friday I went to Charlottesville to visit Sarah and Livia for their St. Patty's Day get-together. All the food was green. It was relaxed and way fun. I LOVE those people. They're so laid back, accepting and just good people. So a few of us are going to C-ville again this weekend for a dance...

I'm just grateful for life tonight. And grateful for the eternal perspective I've got because of the Gospel. Makes trying days like today a little easier (or makes for long-winded posts on my blog). ;)

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